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ALL A&H Bow Performance Claims are verified and certified by a third party.

Norbert F. Mullaney, as most archers know, is the most widely recognized bow tester in the nation. His technical bow tests have been published for almost three decades in Bowhunting World magazine. Anyone in the industry who wants a bow tested by someone who is known to be impartial, unbiased, accurate, and thorough calls on Norb.

In one of the bow tests recently done for us by Norb Mullaney he comments: “The high levels of dynamic efficiency are especially notable, ranging from 80.74 percent with a 360-grain arrow to 88.09 percent with a 700-grain arrow. These are the highest values of dynamic efficiency I have ever found for a longbow or a recurve.”

Needless to say, Norb has tested LOTS of bows through the years. For him to identify the ACS as having the highest dynamic efficiency of any bow he has ever tested validates the benefits of the ACS design.

Norbert F. Mullaney Study
ACS Model CX Three-Piece Longbow
Tested: August 17, 2004
By: Norbert F. Mullaney
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Dr. Ed Ashby – Archery Action Magazine of Australia

The following is an article written by Dr. Ed Ashby for the May/June 2005 issue of the Archery Action magazine in Australia. 

Dr. Ashby is arguably the world’s foremost authority on testing and proving the lethality of archery equipment when hunting large, dangerous game animals.

Shooting the ACS CX Longbow