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Added the extra Velcro to shelf and shot this group at 20 yds wind gusting 15-25 but tried to shoot between gusts no excuse but my form for the flyer out of the group. This A&H ACS CX is way beyond anything I have ever shot including recurves: quiet–flat shooting–consistent–easy to tune–fast– groups arrows of different weights, 4″ or 5″ fletch–no hand shock or stacking on draw. Shoots 20 fps faster than Bear recurve of same draw weight, but I will chronograph and let you know. I can’t see the arrows until they hit the target so I know it is way faster than the recurve. And I used to shoot a 60# Mathews compound, but this ACS bow and instinctive shooting is the way to go, and I am confident it will be as effective on the southeastern whitetail as any 60# wheel bow. What a beauty and what a joy to shoot. Dan, I want to especially thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone and all the emails we shared. Super bow and super service backed up by warranty and a person on the other end of a telephone line who is knowledgeable, patient, and interested in every detail brought up by a potential customer. You will notice all the other holes on the target where I tried to get the other brand bow tuned up. But the ACS CX loved the center of this target from the beginning.Best Wishes ~Dennis