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Thanks for sending the 62″ limbs so quickly.  They were waiting for me when I got home tonight.  Took only 15 minutes to assembling, string and put the nocks in the right spot and then I was shooting superbly right away.  The shorter limbs shoot exceptionally smooth and fast without any stacking, even at my 29″ draw.  I’m very pleased with the shorter length, and I love having the option for 62, 64, and 66 inch lengths and different weights.  I’ve also been winning local shoots with my ACS bows.  I came in first at the last four 3-D shoots.  I never thought I could beat some of the great shooter I meet at these events, but I am winning the longbow competitions and am scoring far above even the recurve shooters since switching to ACS longbows.  Your ACS bows have given me far greater consistency and a real edge up on the competition.

Thanks for the great products and great service.

Sincerely,  Steve