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Gentlemen, I bought a bow from you in October and just wanted to drop you a note as to how I was finding things.   I got some Easton FMJ’s last month and have been shooting them with 175gr points.  As Larry said they are a great match for the bow (16 inch Pau Ferro riser and 56# 66″ limbs AMO 68).  I cannot believe how tight my groups have become and pretty routinely shoot 3-4″ groups at 20+ yards with 6-10 arrows.  I am replacing a lot of fletching and recently split an arrow!  The bow is smooth to draw, light and no hand shock.   Needless to say, I’m very pleased with the bow.   I didn’t hunt with it in our first deer season but am looking forward to using it in the 12/24-1/15 winter bow season (NJ). Thanks for the bow and the advice. Best regards, John