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If you like fish stories, your going to love this one!   As a professional guide, I am afforded the opportunity to see all manner of bows and equipment used in bowfishing.  Consequently, it has been my observation that longbows and recurves lack the power to successfully pursue giant Alligator Gar.  Often the arrows simply bounce off of trophy fish!   Understandably, I was very skeptical when my clients arrived from Spain ready to pursue trophy Alligator Gar with longbows.  I tried to talk them into using compounds, but they wouldn’t hear of it.  I watched intently as Juan Carlos purposefully assembled his A&H ACS Longbow.  There was no hurry in his manner.  With his equipment now assembled, he confidently stated, “This is a very powerful bow!  You will see!”  And see I did!  I was amazed with the speed and excellent penetration he was getting from his ACS!  He was driving arrows into the mud in six feet of water! It wasn’t long before I had them in huge fish and the ACS did not disappoint!   Juan Carlos shot through seven feet of water before connecting on a huge seven foot, two inch fish!  Unbelievable!  The well placed arrow had us admiring his trophy after a twenty minute tug of war!   After the trip, Juan Carlos was gracious enough to let me admire his bow.  I was impressed with  the limb to the riser fit!  It was superb with zero slop.  The bow had clean lines and had gorgeous woods.  I also noticed it was extremely smooth to draw!  To say that I was blown away doesn’t quite expound this bows performance though!  I can’t wait to get my hands on one!  My order will be forthcoming as soon as my fishing season is over!
Sincerely, Jack Thatcher