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Product Description

In testing on our bows we have found the SBD Ultra string up to a 6.3 fps gain with a 30″ draw on light weight limbs and a 2.8 fps gain at a 28″ draw. Heavier limbs will show less of a performance gain. These strings should not be used on bows above 53 lbs.

Available Lengths
56″ AMO 53″ Actual length longbow string
58″ AMO 55″ Actual length longbow string
60″ AMO 57″ Actual length longbow string
62″ AMO 59″ Actual length longbow string
64″ AMO 61″ Actual length longbow string
66″ AMO 63″ Actual length longbow string

SBD Ultra strings are 6 strand D-10 with B-50 padded tapered loops, The colors are brown yellow and orange.

Silent But Deadly Bow Strings are handmade Flemish twist bow strings and not just another bow string, it’s a string crafted for traditional bowhunters.

Silent But Deadly Bow Strings are the “Original Skinny String” crafted for the traditional bowhunter.

Our goal in string making is to achieve the quietest string with the least amount of stretch and the best performance for hunting that we could craft. We have found through months of chronographing and testing different bows and strings combinations that our 6 strand D-10 with B-50 taper padded loops, for most bows, achieved the best results in reaching our goal. Our 2 bundle strings (skinny strings) employ a technique learned from a master string maker which form a perfectly round string that helps dampen string noise and vibrations.

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