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Abowyer, Inc.
At Abowyer Inc. we provide customers with high quality archery products delivered with our personal service and attention to detail.
We take an enormous pride in creating our products, and hope that you'll find something in our catalog that fits your needs. We also are open to discussing custom orders; call or email and let us know what you need. Visit out site today!


Cedar Ridge Leather Works
Cedar Ridge Leatherworks makes one-of-a-kind leather gear for the outdoorsman and shooting sportsman. Each item is handmade from hand selected leathers to insure long use and durability. An individual has the opportunity to have any animal, bird, or wildlife scene incorporated into the gear they purchase. Special requests are the hallmark of what Cedar Ridge is all about. You can truly get custom made leather gear. Each item is hand carved and hand painted by international award winning artist Art Vincent.


We're located in the foothills of the Rockies, in Golden Colorado, and employ  local craftsmen to do a lot of our sewing. Our Tipi stoves are made by a craftsman in Montana. All of our products are American Made with domestic materials.  Our products include: pack systems, freighter systems, gun bearing systems, pockets, shelter & stove systems,  and backcountry sleds. Visit us today!


Marsh Custom Knives
Handmade folding knives.


Safari Tuff
I've spent a good part of my life traveling with a bow, and often with a bow case, that was less than ideal.  To solve this problem, I set out to design a traditional bow case that incorporated all of the features that I have found to be vital when traveling with my bow.First in the series is the Rhino.  Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

Trad (tm)
Trad Gang is a fantastic source of information and discussion about all things relating to shooting and hunting with traditional bows.  From general discussion topics to special forums dealing with target shooting or hunting dangerous game or hunting in Africa, Trad Gang offers a great place to share information and learn from others.

Expect to be respected if you decide to join the gang, because the rule of respect is held highest of the few rules that apply. has a zero tolerance for disrespect directed to anyone. If you want to disagree, then please do so in an adult manner. Debate is healthy, as one sword sharpens another, but it must be done in an honorable fashion.


The world’s first Self-Aligning Broadhead and
Replacement Blade Sharpener and the KME Knife Sharpening System.


If you need a little help figuring out the correct arrow spine for your set up, or you just are interesting in calculating out a new set- up this calculator is a valuable tool.