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One Piece Bows

66” AMO-45#@28” 

Zerba Wood w/ Standard Tips
Bamboo Core
One Piece, Serial # 20361

66″ AMO-36#@28″

RH, King Wood
King Wood Tips
Bamboo Core, Serial #20374

58″ AMO-43#@28″ RH

Zebra Face Cores, Standard Tip, Bamboo cores, Double Glass Limbs, Serial #22027

66″AMO-36#@28″ RH

Black & White Ebony, Spalded, Laminations, Bamboo Core, Double Carbon, B&W Ebony Tip, One Piece , Serial #20376

66″AMO -28# @28″

PauFerro, with PauFerro Tips, Bamboo Core, Double Carbon, One Piece, Serial #20375


PauFerro, Red Accents, Crema Etimoe Face Core, PauFerro Tips, Bamboo Core, Double Glass, Serial #21263


PauFerro, Black Accents, Crema Etimoe Face Core, Bamboo Core,PauFerro Tips, Double Glass, Serial #21264

Two Piece Bows

66″ AMO-42#@28″

Black & White Ebony
Leather Grip and Bamboo Core
B&W Ebony Tips
Two Piece, Serial # 20364

Three Piece Sets

Set Details

14″ 3DH Riser, RH, Gray Action Wood w/ Red Accent #11358, 58″AMO”amo 44# @28″ Double Glass, w/Red Accent Tip /Cap, Gray Action Wood Limb Face & Core
Set Serial: 11889 – $1,190

Set Details

14″ 3DH Riser, RH Black & White Ebony #11357
66″AMO 38# @28″ B&W Ebony Tip/Cap #11824
Set Serial: 11357 – $1,190

ACS-CX 66″
AMO 42#@28″

RH, Standard Tip and Cap
Western Diamond Back
Bamboo Core
Serial #: 11757
Price: $990