September 9-11, 2005 the NAA/FITA National Flight Shooting Championships were held at the Bonneville Salt Flats close to Wendover, UT

There were 5 ACS bows shot by 4 different people in 8 different classes. They walked away with 6 FITA World Records and 1 NAA National Record.

Bryan Perry, age 11, sent one down range in the 35# American longbow NAA intermediate/FITA Juniors class of 307 yards-4 inches which broke the previous mens record of 289 yards! The bow he shot was 27# at his draw length! This sets a new FITA World Junior and establishes a NAA National record.

Sam Rose, 17, established a FITA World record in the FITA Junior Gentlemans. 50# American Longbow class and a NAA National record in the Intermediate class.

Juli Adcock, the star of the show, set a new FITA World and NAA National record in the 35# American Longbow class, shooting 320 yards 1 foot beating the old record by 41 yards! She beat the previous mens World record by 31 yards!

If that wasn't enough, in the 50# American Longbow class she broke the previous ladies World record by 104 yards! Shooting 383 yards. This exceeds the mens 50# record by 25 yards.

O.L. Adcock, in the 35# American Longbow class, shot 319 yards-1foot-1 inch to break the previous FITA world record by 30 yards. In the 50# American longbow class he shot 354 yards to set a new NAA National record, and in the 50# American Longbow Broadhead class, 230 yards for a new World/NAA record.

Flight shooting is probably the oldest archery sport and is recognized by both FITA and NAA. To see the results of the 2005 Championships, go to the NAA web site at: US ARCHERY

The United States Archery Association Regular Flight Nationals and FITA Star Championships was held at The Bonneville Flight Range in Wendover, UT. September 8th, 9th, and 10th. ACS bows set 4 more World Flight Records bringing the total to 9 World Records Held, more than any other bow in history.

Jordan Case established and set a new world record in the ladies youth division shooting a 3 piece ACS CX in the 35# American Longbow class. Jordan is 14 years old and shot 321 yards, 1 foot, 1 inch (293.86 meters). This not only established the world record for the female youth division, it eclipses the adult ladies record and the adult mens 35# record! Good job Jordan!

Juli Adcock shattered the 50# American Longbow Broadhead record by shooting a 66" one piece ACS CX 240 yards breaking the long standing old record of 218. To top that off in the 50 pound Field Bow class (recurve class) she shot a 62" 3 piece ACS CX longbow 461 yards, 2 feet, 6" (422.31 meters) to bring that record back to the United States from England. The old record was set in high tail wind conditions and many felt it would stand many years. Juli did it in dead calm conditions.

O.L. Adcock, he brought the 50# American Longbow World Record back to the United States from Italy shooting 369 yards, 2 feet, 6" (338.18 meters) The results of the 2006 Flight Championships can be seen at: US ARCHERY

FITA World Records can be seen at: FITA Archery

Names to look for that were shooting ACS bows are O.L. Adcock, Juli Adcock, Jordan Case, Sam Rose, and Brian Perry.

All photos and content by permission of O.L. Adcock

Congratulations to Rod Jenkins
2004 IBO Traditional Hunter
Class World Champion.

Rod was shooting a 66" ACS CX