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What does it mean when you hear that a bow is faster than another?

First of all, you must remember that measurements that are not acquired using precise and accurate procedures, equipment and testing techniques are suspect at best. However let’s assume that you have two bows that have been properly tested and one has an AMO speed that’s 5 fps faster than the other. Or maybe it’s 10 or 15 fps faster than the other. Is that a big deal or not?

Think of it this way – if you test most any bow (precisely) with a 9 grains per pound arrow at 28″ and then again (precisely) with a 9 grains per pound arrow at 29″, it will be 4-5 fps faster. Remember why that is? It’s because the stored energy for a 29″ draw length is greater than for a 28″ draw length, all other things being equal.

Have you ever wished your draw length was 1″ longer? Have you ever short-drawn your bow by 1″ and noticed the difference in arrow trajectory? An accurately-measured difference of 5 fps in AMO arrow speed between bows is HUGE. It is far from insignificant and anyone who says otherwise has never really thought it through.

Now, consider a 10 fps or a 15 fps (or even more) difference in AMO arrow speed. Want to add 2 or 3 more inches to your draw length? It’s easy – just get a bow that performs well.

Remember – talk is cheap. Proof is absolute. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there is no difference between bows. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that 5 or 10 (or even more) fps difference in AMO arrow speed is insignificant.