• The ACS Advantage

    The ACS Advantage

    All of our bows incorporate the patented ACS limb design which offers unsurpassed performance and smoothness. Speed and forgiveness are not mutually exclusive. By designing...

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U.S Patent 6.178.962


“The ACS limb design provides you with the combination of the smoothest drawing, fastest, quietest and most forgiving bow you will ever shoot- guaranteed!”


A Few Words from our Customers

  • My New Bow

    Guy’s I received my bow today. I tried it right away.I am very impressed with the bow. When you say it is a Ferrari, I think you are correct. It is smooth, fast and the precision I can get with the bow is far beyond my others bows.The riser is also beautiful.

  • Thanks a lot!

    I’ve been pretty lucky so far in my life and have been able to afford a few toys that I wanted. Sure hope that trend continues!  Even so I don’t buy a lot of stuff. My hunting is very important to me so I like to use good equipment.

    I was in the woods yesterday evening still looking for the odd pig. It dawned on me, again, that my A&H bows that I shoot every day and hunt with exclusively are among my most prized possessions. I have a ton of confidence in them and truly enjoy the privilege of owning and using them. Great bows! ~Pat

  • Very Accurate Bow

    I got the limbs. Set the bow up and shot it in within minutes. My oh my this is an accurate set up. I have owned and shot a ton of longbows but this one stands out as one of the best I have owned. Very forgiving and fun to shoot. Thanks, Tom